Capital and Labor

 Jamaica’s main industries include: tourism, bauxite and alumina agro processing, light manufacturers, and rum, cement, metal, paper and chemical products. Other products can also be considered a source of capital that was previously stated under the “labor” category.  There is need for equipment and farming utensils in accordance to the production of Jamaica’s resources.

The quantity of labor opportunities in Jamaica follows with a decent population of 2,825,928 citizens. Of that population 31.4% are between the ages of 0-14, 61.1% are between the ages of 15-64 years and the remaining 65+ make up only 7.5%. The age expectancy for females is 75 years and males live to be 71. The main language is English and it seems that the majority of the population is a young crowd which is the main age range of workers. Jamaicans also average 11 years of school. The literacy rates are also more than I expected which leads me to believe that the population wants to work and is of decent quality.