Inflation Information

As reported in 2009, Jamaica's inflation reported rate was 9.6%. Comparable to other neighboring countries, Jamaica is definitely the highest. The current inflation rate could be this high due to loss Country income and high country debt. Jamaica is at 124.5% for public debt. Jamaica has a debt burden of the 4th highest per Capita as a result in government bail outs to ailing sectors of the economy.
 In comparison with the bordering countries that I mentioned previously, The Dominican Republic has an inflation rate of 1.4%. Cuba is also close to Jamaica with an inflation rate of 1.5%, The Bahamas rate is 2.4%, Puerto Rico sits high with a 6.5% and finally we have Haiti with a current N/A(0%) inflation rate due to recent disaster events and re builds. I have chosen these countries because they share the same placement of the Caribbean Sea and also seem to have the same availability for exports/imports as well as similar weather elements for crop uses.

Since Inflation is an increase in prices while the value of the dollar decreases, one simple step for Jamaica to control parts of their inflation would be to control the Bank's policy on lending. The current lending rate is at 16.43%, I also noticed that Jamaica has a higher spending budget on expenditures instead of actual revenue.