Trading Sanctions

 Although the US and Jamaica are on trading terms, this was a topic of concern in 2003. In fact, I found an article discussing an almost sanctioned trading policy between most Caribbean islands and the US. It was said that Jamaica was not going to become sanctioned; however it was on a watch list for failure to enact trade laws protecting patents, industrial designs and plant variety. Since then, Jamaica has made the required efforts in preventing the sanctioning by continuing its patent practices.  Another issue of Jamaica being sanctioned from the US is from the high volume of marijuana production. The US is very strict in following accordance of illicit drugs; Jamaica also has been investigated as transshipment point in between South America to North America and Europe. Colombian narcotic traffickers also favor Jamaica for money laundering and cocaine sells.  I have searched high and low for sanctioned countries from Jamaican trade and have found none. In fact, I did find that Jamaica actually trades between Cuba. As reported in 2006, trading has increased between these two countries and the trade appetite keeps growing. Cement, cigars, rum and even rumors of paint are now being traded among these neighbors.  Even though these countries have had their ups and downs with each other since the 1970’s Jamaica’s prime minister at the time Michael Manley had a warm friendship with Fidel Castro. Both of these countries are also members in the CARICOM arrangement.