High volume Imports and Exports

 Imports in Jamaica were reported at $4.581 billion in 2009, which places it at 113 in comparison to the world. Some common imports to Jamaica include food, consumer goods such as miscellaneous needs, industrial supplies, fuel, parts and accessories used for capital goods, machinery and transport equipment and construction materials.  The US is the top import partner with 28.32% usage and Trinidad and Tobago following second at 22.98%. The most common import in Jamaica is machinery. This country is a large fan of agricultural exports; especially when it comes to coffee and natural minerals such as bauxite. However, since Jamaica has very little retail options and very limited shopping capabilities other than it its capital Kingston, Jamaica takes in clothing and apparel material imports from the US.  The top exports found from Jamaica are: alumina, bauxite, sugar, rum, coffee, yams, beverages, chemicals, mineral fuel. The partners that contribute to the export revenue are: the US at 38.19% and second largest Canada at 12.2%. Exports bring in an additional $1.263 billion in revenue each year to Jamaica which places it at number 142 in comparison to the world. Of the exports I mentioned, the top export from my research seems to be coffee,  and bauxite. Actually, from these three bauxite is the number 1 export. In fact, Jamaica became the world leader in the 1970s, shifting Jamaicas primary agriculture export from bananas and sugar. With coffee being a major selling aspect of Jamaica with a famous company known as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which coincidentally is grown in the Blue Mountains, a hilly area that has a cooler climate which causes the berries to take longer to ripen and the coffee beans to develop  more substance in flavor when roasted.  This picking season carries on from August to March and is exported out from the countries capital Kingston. However, even though I have mentioned the popularity of coffee exports, Jamaica still remains the highest exporter of the natural mineral bauxite and earns a high amount of investments and foreign relationships.