Jamaica seems to be pretty involved with technology and up to date with social outputs, in an entrepreneur’s perspective this means great possibilities. Cell phone usage consists of 2,723 million people and land lines take up 316,600 consumers. Internet users are estimated at 1.54 million. Jamaica also has several privately owned radio stations as well as multiple television stations (roughly 70).  This country has recovered some of its debt since 2008. Jamaica is also a vacationing island which can help with sales.  In 2009 the inflation rate was 9.6% increasing from 22% in 2008. Jamaica’s’ GNP is US $7.6 billion.  Unemployment is currently high in this country and other weaknesses follow. For example, health care is not up to par, minimum bank and insurance sectors and the financing of sugar production is costly; lastly there is stagnant growth in the economy.