The top trading company of Jamaica is the US at 38.19% I suppose this is because of the financial standing of the US and the common understood language of English. The US is Jamaica’s most important trader; this could also be because Jamaica is a popular vacation spot for American tourists. Also 10,000 American citizens live in Jamaica, this makes the relationship more cordial by the fact they are both providing financial profits to one another. Jamaican government does seek to attract US investment and support s efforts to create a “Free Trade Area of the Americans” aka FTAA.  Jamaica is also a part of the Caribbean Basin Trade Partner Act aka CBTPA. Something interesting is the fact that the American Chamber of Commerce, which also aids in US business in Jamaica, has corporate offices in Kingston (capital). Since 1962, the US has been in good relations with Jamaica and the Peace Corps makes appearances in Jamaica from time to time. This is smart of Jamaica to maintain this peaceful relationship with the US because we are a wealthy and powerful country. In my opinion, the US works like this: You help us make money, we help you make money. Jamaica is doing a great job of this. In fact, we common see marketing attempts on the television about vacationing to Jamaica and how great the people are. To me, this means the US has the most significant trading relationship with Jamaica.