Is This Country Making Smart Trading Choices?

  The pattern of trade for my country seems typical and expected. Seeing the other trading countries made sense because they are neighboring countries and also a part of the Caribbean. I was pleased to see that the US was the biggest trading partner, these seems like it would always be the best option because we are very wealthy, powerful and smart when it comes to investment options and ways to increase revenue. I did also read that in 2009 president Barack Obama did make a visit to Jamaica and have a public speech there. Another country that seemed typical for trade is Canada; they were ranked the number 2 most commonly used export country. I am not sure if Canada uses medicinal marijuana, but Jamaica is the largest growth country of Marijuana as well as one of the largest exporters, legal exporters that is.  However, even though the US seemed ordinary, I was curious to why there was not more Caribbean countries listed as partners of trade considering they are neighbors and may have similar needs. It might also seem like it could be a cheaper option since the distance is not nearly as far. Since Jamaica has an advantage of moist soil. Agriculture products are the most sought after exports. Jamaica has grassy terrains and cool mountain tops. These environments increase the productivity in selling natural resources such as bauxite and alumina and many more as stated before. Fruits and vegetation are also an advantage of Jamaican exports; especially with sugar. Since these are well known traits of Jamaican economy, I can see why most of the exports seem to be natural resources and foods, with not much demand for machinery. Following that statement, I can see why Jamaica has demands of machinery and capital equipment for imports, they need these items to continue to farm and maintain their water systems and bridges. All seems well with the current trading ways.