Gross Domestic Product

The current posted rate for GDP was $11.9 billion, this is very very low. Especially to the neighboring countries I chose. What should be very alarming about this is the fact that Haiti's current reported GDP was $6.58 billion, Jamaica is not too many calculations above; which is unfortunate considering Haiti had mass natural destruction.  The GDP amount goes hand  in hand with this countries unemployment rate as well as the crime ratios. Drug wars can have massive destruction on the economy,especially when they aren't legal and cannot be used for income or tax purposes. Despite the  common belief of the "Rasta" clan and marijuana usage, none of this is considered legal or can be used for purposes such as Amsterdam with their cannabis and legal prostitution. Puerto Rico's GDP reported for 2009 was $86.91billion to put into perspective,the United States have an estimated GDP of $14.6 trillion. Jamaica is far from that ratio.  Another bordering country with a decent GDP is Cuba, they reported at $56.03billion.

So, it seems in order to increase this countries income for the current period would to be decreasing the countries crime rates, maybe they could do this by enforcing more law enforcement or government jobs. The GDP of this country should be a concern for those conjuring up business proposals.