Solutions to a better Jamaica

Overall, it is clear to me that Jamaica needs guidance in finding the right path to a great economy by providing 1. Stable Prices, 2. Low Unemployment 3. High and Sustained Economic Growth. Unfortunately, Jamaica does not meet any of these terms. As far as unemployment goes, this is a problem that will not be fixed overnight, I believe they must get their crime rates fixed first and add more government enforcements instead of spending more time and money on seeking government bailouts. To achieve stable prices, the economy must have a larger workforce in order to have the "consumers" to pay for the prices! As far as sustained economic growth is concerned, there are actually groups of volunteers that help build housing and provide donated food baskets and toys in the poverty stricken community on the other side of this island. Many American missionaries also help pick up trash and provide positive influences on the unemployed. It should definitely be a concern that this country does not meet the criteria for macroeconomic goals, it cannot be solved overnight but with an ongoing process the people of Jamaica have high hopes for 2012, I hope they carry out.